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New blog!!!

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Once again we are moving blogs.  Please don’t hate me.  Just come see us on!

Friday Favorites

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Hey there!  Been a long time!  It’s just hard to type one handed, you know ;-)  And I’m in the process of creating a new family blog on blogger because I’m running out of space here on wordpress, and I don’t want to actually pay for more.  So stay tuned!  So here are some of my favorites in the last month or so….

  1. This little girl…

I can’t believe she is 3 months old.  I just love her to pieces!  I think I say that every time I post about her, but it is so true!  She was just blessed this last weekend so look for a post on that sometime in the future (Yes, the future.  Because we all know how good I am at blogging lately.)

2. Halloween: Our Halloween was quiet, but fun.  The two older kiddos went trick or treating with Ryan first while I stayed home with the two little.  John fell asleep and we couldn’t wake him up for anything!

This year we had a gothic little red riding hood, Anakin Skywalker, and a flower.  John was going to be Thomas, of course but instead it was this…

He did get to go trick or treating a little later in the evening…in his Thomas jammies. :-)

3.  Andrew turned 8!

I can’t believe he is 8!  He had a great birthday.  He requested Taco Bell for dinner, strawberry cake with chocolate frosting, and received a new lego set and lots of money.  He was baptized last weekend too.  Again a post will be done in the future :-)

That’s about it for now.  Hopefully soon, sometime in the “near” future, I can blog in more detail about what’s been going on.

First Feis

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Rach competed in her first feis (fesh) this past Sunday.  I don’t know about her, but I was nervous for her.  She had to dance in front of a judge.  Usually you are competing with other dancers at the same time, but Rach was the only one in her age group.  So she was the lone dancer on her stage.  She competed in three dances: reel, light jig, and slip jig.  And she did awesome!  She got first in all three and her scores were good for a first feis.  She is excited to compete in another one!  As she competes and gets higher, she will eventually earn her “solo dress” (the REALLY expensive ones-YIKES!!)

Two months

Annabelle turned TWO MONTHS old today!  It is going too too fast!  She is smiling and cooing SO much!  She had her two month check up today as well.  Get this….she weighs 14 POUNDS!  14 POUNDS PEOPLE!  This girl is a chunk!  She went from the 50th percentile at 2 weeks to the 97th percentile at 2 months!  She is still only at the 50th percentile for height though.  But oh my goodness!  How can anyone resist those scrumptious cheeks!

Apple Picking

Last weekend we headed down to our favorite apple orchard.  We went a couple years ago and picked 85 pounds.  This year I intended to pick a lot less, but ended up picking 95 pounds!  It is just too addicting once you get out there!  The kids loved it!  I will be spending most of this week canning.

John is all about Halloween right now so he HAD to take his pumpkin to collect his apples!

Beautiful girl!

Andrew loved looking for the BIGGEST apples!

Annabelle helped pick too!

The apples of our eyes!  Love these four SO much!

She has my HEART!!!

Tasty Tuesday

Look at me!  Another Tasty Tuesday!  This one is pretty simple.  Just a variation of one our favorite Friday night meals: PIZZA!  All I did this time was make them into “Pizza Bites”.  I made my pizza dough.  After it through the first rise I, divided it out into 48 equal little balls.  I bought some mini pepperonis and an 8 oz block of cheese.  I cubed the cheese into small cubes.  Then I wrapped 3 or 4 mini pepperonis and a couple cubes of cheese in one pizza dough ball.  Baked at 350 for 15 minutes.  Make some pizza sauce for dipping.  They were so good.  Actually I think next time I will brush melted butter with garlic powder on each of them before baking.  The kids loved them and it wasn’t nearly as messy as making regular pizza.

Sorry there is no picture.  We just ate them up so fast! :-)


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